Playstation 4 “Erica” Review – Spoiler Free

Let’s start off by saying, WOW.

I had no idea Erica was a game that was going to be released. I never heard about it and I am so surprised it slipped under my radar without notice.

Erica is a “pioneering live-action interactive thriller where players will shape the fate of Erica, a young woman who’s thrust into the middle of a murder mystery, connected to the traumatic events of her childhood.” – Quoted by PlayStation.

This game allows you to utilise your DualShock 4 OR your mobile phone by using the ERICA App for PS4 which you can download from the app store or play store. I personally used my phone and I am glad I did because it made the experience a lot more relaxing controls wise, but made it more intriguing play wise.

Now, in short, this game is pretty much a tell-tale style game. Your choices will alter the ending of your playthroughs. This personally makes the game 10 times better because it allows for so much replay potential. I played through the game twice and ended up receiving 10 trophies from both playthroughs. Each playthrough was roughly 2 hours long which is what I was told before beginning the game.

To say my thoughts without spoiling the game is quite difficult, but I will say that there was something about this game that drew me in from the very beginning. I am a massive fan of thrillers where it involves “cult – like” experiences so when I began this game, that was a feeling I felt from the start. The fact the game is a real life, live-action game made it even more freaky because it just felt so real. The characters were all so different yet so similar and I ended up with such an emotional attachment to the main character Erica, that I felt so sad, scared and on edge for her the whole game.

Each playthrough of mine were both so different towards the end, the beginning however, still very similar even though I purposely chose different options than the previous (I did play each playthrough directly one after the other).

The option to use my phone made things so much more comfortable and a little bit realistic in the control motion. The app allows you to use your finger to swipe on the screen in the direction it tells you to which in turn, will perform the character’s/game’s actions. There were little parts in the game where I had a jump scare or had to turn away due to the blood factor (remember, this game is live – action so you are seeing real human bodies). Overall though, there were many deaths in my playthroughs and a handful of them were warranted – I did not like a certain bunch of characters!

The game costs $13.95 AUD and is available to purchase on the PlayStation store as it’s only a digital release. I strongly suggest you purchase this game if you’re a fan of heavily story based games such as Until Dawn, Life is Strange and Detroit: Become Human.

I would like to thank PlayStation Australia for providing me with a review code of the game.

You can watch the game trailer here:


All imagery and videograghy in this blog post is owned by Playstation –

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