Hi blog. Yes I am alive. And I’m back.

Hey everyone, I’m back from my hiatus!

I just wanted to give you all an update on where I have been and why my blog has been neglected. Lately I have been super busy with my IRL job and super stressed out from that. I have been working all day, coming home to cook dinner, shower and then go straight to bed and that has been my life for quite some time now. It’s just different lately as I’ve been struggling with maintaining a work/life balance. I am feeling really run down and tired, so I haven’t had the energy to sit with my computer and type.

I also have felt very uninspired…

There is nothing worse than being a creative person and losing your creative spark. I really enjoy putting my thoughts into feelings for you all, I have just found it hard to find that spark to write about games. That, and I haven’t played many games over the last few months (excluding Spider-Man, there will actually be a piece on that!!!!).

So thank you for your patience with me. Hopefully this is the beginning of the return.

I wish you all well, and GAME ON!






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