The Fortnite Addiction

You’ve all probably heard about this third person shooting game called Fortnite and how everyone – especially kids – are addicted to it. You’ve also probably asked yourself why people find it addicting. Well I have an answer for you:

I don’t know but it just is.

The thing about Fortnite is that it’s a game that has been around for quite some time however there is a “Battle Royale” mode that is online only but free to download. This is what everyone is playing.


There’s 4 modes when it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale:

  1. Solo – 1 vs. 99
  2. Duo – 2 vs. 98
  3. Squads – 4 vs. 96
  4. 50 v 50

Basically, in each mode, there is about 100 players in each game. You are dropped from above in a flying bus on to the map. You then all scatter across the map on a mission to find yourself some weapons and gear to kill other players. In SOLO mode, it’s you against everyone else in the game. In DUO it will be you and your team-mate against everyone else. In SQUADS it’s you apart of a team of 4 against everyone else. In 50 v 50 it’s 2 teams of 50 against each other. The aim of the game is to come first and win a “Victory Royale”. You can win this Victory Royale alone, in a duo, in a squad or in the 50 v 50 mode.

This may seem easy, however the map is huge. The game also has a “storm” mechanism which shrinks the map and makes everyone move towards one another in order to shoot so there is minimal room for ‘camping and hiding’ as you are forced to move closer to others.

Fortnite - Getting Dropped From the Flying Bus
Fortnite – Getting Dropped From the Flying Bus
Fortnite Season 4 Map


Alongside the shooting aspect, there is a building aspect. When you are dropped into the map, you are only given a pickaxe to get started. That pickaxe can be used as a weapon or for its real reason – to gather supplies. You can cut down trees to gather wood, houses to gather brick, and many architectural buildings to gather steel. Why you gather these supplies is because you can actually build forts as a defence against the opponents.

Gathering Supplies in Fortnite
Gathering Supplies in Fortnite

Putting two and two together, one would think that is the reason it is called Fortnite…

Building a Fort
Building a Fort


When you start the game, you have nothing but a pickaxe. It’s up to you to go searching for more weapons. There are different types of weapons such as shotguns and assault rifles, but the main thing you want to take notice of is the colour of the weapon.

  • grey – common weapon
  • green – uncommon weapon
  • blue – rare weapon
  • purple – epic weapon
  • yellow – legendary weapon

These levels also apply to other supplies such as shield juice, traps and medical supplies.

The chances of finding grey and green weapons are obviously very high. Finding blue is a lot easier than suggested however the chances are higher of finding one in a loot chest rather than out in the field. Both purple and yellow are found in some loot chests but mainly hot air loot balloons that randomly fall onto the map. The higher rated your weapon is, the better it is to get kills.



I do not know why people including myself are addicted to this game. There are other games like this (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds for example) however there just seems to be a bit following for Fortnite. I think it’s so appealing to people especially children because of how colourful and animated the game is. Even though the main thing to do in the game is to kill other people, the visual violence isn’t really there.

I used to think quite low of this game before I played it. They always say to never judge a book by its cover but I did and I regret that. This game is fun to play with other people and it’s fun trying to get a “Victory Royale”. The only thing I don’t like is when you die, there is no respawning so you have to go back into the lobby and find another game – which I guess does work well considering the game is last man standing wins… It’s just different when you come from FPS where you can respawn. Also, when you get shot and your health starts depreciating, you cannot use med kits or bandages to heal yourself. You either just slowly die, or continue to get shot until you are dead.

Overall, I think Fortnite is a great time waster game and fun to play with others or alone. If you like playing online games and haven’t tried this game then I strongly recommend you do. At the end of the day, it is FREE!

Fortnite Lobby
Fortnite Lobby


  1. Thank you for explaining Fortnite! I wanted to know what its all about, but I could not find any information thats as good as yours! 🙂 Now I need to save money for a ps4.

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