Playing With Life – The Sims 4

Simulation games can either be a hit or a miss. I don’t feel particularly interested in any besides The Sims. Why? Well, there’s nothing that compares to simulating a life.

If you know me, you will know I have been playing The Sims for over 10 years. The series has become a big part of my life and an ultimate favourite game of mine. I don’t know why I love sitting at my computer for hours and hours controlling the lives of creations I have made, but I just do.

When The Sims 4 was announced for pre-order in 2014, I went to my local game store and ordered the collectors edition. I paid it off in full with some left over birthday money I had. I was so excited. Closer to the date of release, I found out that my pre-order was cancelled due to Australia not receiving the initial collectors edition that we were supposed to receive so instead on release day, I was given the premium edition of the game which game with a plastic plumbob headband and a digital soundtrack. I went home and installed the game, played it for a few hours and actually hated the game. I compared it so much to the open world of The Sims 3 that it put me off the game. The next day, I returned it.

Fast forward a little while later when the Get to Work expansion, a few stuff packs, a few free game updates and patches were launched, I fell in love with the game. I truly believe it was the power of the expansions that made the game so much better – and obviously the massive game updates The Sims team have released.

The Sims 4 in my eyes is now the best version I have played. Sure, there is no open world, but the realism that has been put into the game has been terrific to play with. My personal favourite part of the game are the amazing tools we have in build, buy and Create-A-Sim mode to produce creations like never before.

Playing with life just seems so real now. For example, my current sim named Kathy is a full-time E-Sports gamer. She lived in a terrible single bedroom starter home that looked so disgusting (it hurt my eyes because I love building and interior decorating in this game). I started her off in the Tech Guru career and made her work towards becoming a full-time professional gamer – just like my dream. She had no money so she had to quickly work her way up in the industry. I had her binge play video games every night and sat her at her computer to practice programming constantly. Before I knew it, she had launched so high in her skills for video gaming and programming that all of a sudden she could make money from live-streaming games and doing freelance work from programming. I feel like this is close to real life because this is one of my many goals and it’s also the dream of so many other gamers I know in the community.

04-29-18_1-57-18 PM
Sim creation – Kathy
04-25-18_12-30-22 PM
Sim creation – Kathy

Another example is the communities of sims in the game. City Living is an expansion with so much multiculturalism that it replicates what life is like in the real world so well! The variety of different sims reminds me of what my city is like. Melbourne is full of people from different backgrounds and it’s so good to see that brought into a video game. The way sims can meet others, experience different foods from different regions and countries and celebrate the joy of differentiation is amazing. I think the Sims team did a brilliant job of taking that next step in making a game become more realistic.

The graphics have come a long way from the prior games and sims are starting to morph into characters that look like semi-real life people. The options available to customise your sims are endless and it’s great. You can make any sim any shape or size by grabbing body parts and morphing it into whatever body type you want. I think that’s great because again, realism comes into the game.

No matter what pathway your sim takes, no matter what choices they make, it will be an amazing adventure. Sometimes playing in a virtual world, creating stories and controlling lives is much better than reality. And I strongly recommend you do this in The Sims 4.


*All screenshots are from my personal games.

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  1. Interesting way how you changed your opinion on The Sims 4! I’m planning on writing about The Sims 4 as well, in the second part of “The Sims that I like” article.


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