I try to not get involved with console wars as I do think that every console can be good in some way. However, due to my love of one particular brand, it’s hard for me not to have an opinion on this matter.

I love Playstation.

I have grown up a Playstation lover. I have owned a PS1, PS2, PS Vita and Ps4 and have also used every version of their consoles – both handheld and normal.

For me, a Playstation is so easy to use. No matter what version of the console, it is always easy to navigate and control. I love the simplicity in their designs, their menus, the controllers and everything else in between.


I much prefer Playstation over Xbox. I find the Xbox to be a very foreign console to me and hard to use. The range of games don’t seem to appeal to me as much as the Playstation ones do. I also find that their range of games seem to be aimed at a male – oriented audience.

Xbox One X - Project Scorpio
Xbox One X – Project Scorpio

With Playstation, I find their exclusives to be completely amazing and they have a bigger range over Xbox. Not only that, but the stories these exclusives posses are always incredible (take the Uncharted series for example). I find the games to be more appealing and easier to play considering I am a girl who only grew up playing easy games like Super Mario. The console in my eyes is a better design both aesthetically and by performance. Overall, I think the console has been made to the best of its ability – especially with the release of the PS4 Pro.


Probably. Since I’ve never personally owned any Xboxes – but have used them – it’s hard for me to not love Playstation more. But I still believe overall they are the superior.

However, we must remember this is my personal opinion and nothing more. I can only say what I feel and believe from my own experiences with both brands and consoles. At the end of the day, they both do what we love – that is allow us to get stuck into the magical world of gaming. And no matter what, that is a beautiful thing.


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  1. I have had a PS4 for about 32 hours… and omg I can understand why people prefer it. The UI is so much more logical and looks more appealing. As well as the fact that despite owning an Xbox I actually went and spent $400 on a new console so I could play 1 game in particular!

    I totally understand people having a preference. But I just hate seeing the “wars” when people are rude to others who play the other consoles. Not everyone can afford all of them and each console does have something to offer!


    1. I can’t stand the rudeness of people when it comes to this issue. That’s why I think it’s perfectly ok to have your preference but people must appreciate the good in all consoles! Thanks for your comment lovely xx


  2. I like that you wrote about this because some people act like they don’t have an opinion on the matter. I hate the console war extremists but I think we all have a favorite.

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