INSTAGRAM – 1 Year Later…

I’ve been apart of the Instagram gaming community already for a year. A year. Wow that went so quick.

I first began my Instagram journey by posting a photo of 3 3DS games and my Yarn Yoshi Amiibo. It received just over 100 likes and I was over the moon with that response. I thought to myself “I want to show people the secret side of me that they haven’t seen before so maybe I should continue to post gaming related pictures”. And with that, I did. I continued to post photos of my gaming collection and started to gain followers instantly. I never really had a theme or a design to my pictures back then so I was posting photos that just focussed on the item in shot rather than the design and setting.

The response rate was great. I was averaging a few hundred likes per photo thanks to hashtags and being on a public account. That made me really happy to post more. So I started to think of ideas on how I could quickly change my style of my photos and I decided to go and purchase a camera. I thought that a camera would help me take clearer photos rather than my iPhone 7+ (which mind you, still takes good photos). I spent roughly $450AUD on my camera and it was the best decision I ever made. It really helped me learn what worked with my photos, it taught me about angles, and it brought me so much joy seeing how “professionally clear” the pictures turned out. I also needed to decide on a setting for my photos. Where I was taking the pictures didn’t have a lot of natural light so I adapted my pictures to a darker style. I bought a black coffee table from my local Kmart and I bought a few fake plants and props to help liven up my pictures. I was also using the app VSCO to edit my photos. Within a month I went from my 800 followers – which I had for years since first starting my personal Instagram account – to 1000 followers and that was all thanks to having a “theme” on my feed.

My account continued go grow so fast. I had made so many friendships and virtually met so many people. We all helped each other grow further by doing story shout outs (which I will always appreciate and be so grateful for!). I also began to interact a lot more with others who shared my passion on my posts and their posts. It felt good – and still does feel good – to speak to others who shared the same interests with me and didn’t judge me. I feel so welcome and feel like an important part of the massive community thanks to everyone who did and still does interact with me. After every post I was averaging 20-30 new followers and it blew my mind. Back then I wasn’t posting every day either so I soon decided to have a flowing effect on my feed and post every day.

It didn’t take long until I felt very bored of my feed. I didn’t like the darkness my photos possessed and I wished I had natural light and white backdrops to really make my pictures pop. I knew that wasn’t going to happen until I had access to more lighting. I also wanted something to stand out from others and so people knew when they saw the post it was mine. Although many people use fairy lights in their posts, I wanted to include them in mine. Funnily enough, people began to associate fairy lights with my posts and soon enough I was recognised by those photos. I continued to use them for a while, changing from darker photos to lighter and brighter and eventually I gave up on them again.

I started to post what I WANTED without having to think much of a theme. I used the same filter for every photo (I still use the same one) however I had different settings in each picture and included myself in more posts and it worked for me. My feed was still flowing and people loved to see my new style and most of all my new outlook on my art. My follower count continued to grow and I had eventually reached 3000-4000 followers which was amazing.

A month later I moved houses into my current place. God bless this house because I have 3 BIG windows that let all the natural light in and I have WHITE WALLS! Having these beautiful things makes taking photos so much more worth it because the finished product looks professional and close to perfect. I thought to myself “my feed is going to flow so well now” and I was correct. I was loving it and I am still loving it.

When I reached 5000 followers, I gave back to the community for supporting me by running a give away. On offer I had a God of War original Kratos Pop Vinyl, a Playstation console key ring, and a beautiful Legend of Zelda notebook. It was only a small giveaway but it reached so many people and a lovely lady named Diana (@geeky_diana) won! This giveaway went all the way to The Netherlands and I honestly couldn’t believe that someone so far away from me was interested in entering and had won! That was my wake up call when I realised I have people from many places all over the world following me, interacting with me and supporting me. It is just pure amazing.

Let’s fast forward to now. Over 7000 followers, a clean, white and clear feed and most of all, I ENJOY my posts and I LOVE my posts. That is the most important thing to me now because nothing is worth doing if you don’t enjoy it. I feel a sense of professionalism even though I am not a professional but it’s amazing how much of a following one can gain from having good content.

I love being apart of this community because I get to interact with so many amazing people and get to educate others on the joys of gaming. It makes me feel special to hear people say they “look up to me” and that I am an inspiration. I am very passionate about gaming and I feel so privileged to have a loyal and lovely following who share the same passion as me. We are all apart of the best Instagram community – if not world-wide community!







It’s only up from here.

If you would like to follow my Instagram, you can find it here.

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