Let’s Talk – Spyro The Dragon Is Getting A Remaster!

You may or may not have heard that the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy is getting a remaster! If this isn’t the best news you’ve heard in a long time then I don’t know what is.

I grew up playing Spyro just like I did with Crash Bandicoot and it is easily on par with Crash as one of my favourite games of all time. I remember being addicted to the first game and learning every single secret, nook and cranny of each level and world. I only ever owned number 1 however and no matter how many times I played through it, I never got sick of it.

As I never had Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer (Ripto’s Rage as it’s known overseas) and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, I had to purchase them. They are now worth a fair bit of money especially in complete condition so I feel very happy to own them. I also never owned the PS2 versions so I was lucky to find Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly at a retro gaming store and Spyro: A Heroe’s Tail at a closing down Blockbuster.

My Spyro Collection
My Spyro Collection

When I heard the news the other day that the original 3 were getting a remaster called Spyro: Reignited Trilogy I was so excited. It is getting released on PS4 and Xbox One on September 21st. Some screenshots of the game were leaked a day before the official announcement and let me just say that the graphics look INCREDIBLE.

Spyro has scales, has so much detail and looks like a real dragon now as opposed to a purple animal with horns. The worlds have so much more detail and the colour is so vibrant. There is so much detail in the screenshots and it is really getting me excited for the release of the game.

What I love most about the Spyro games is that they are an open world adventure. You are not restricted to a side scroll or front and back view. The story in each game is also very good to follow and are interesting. In my personal opinion the games got better after each release until the PS2 versions came out. I am not a fan of the Legend of Spyro and the Skylander series at all so it makes me quite happy that they are releasing a remaster of the best 3 games rather than a new game that follows either of those 2 series.

So, the countdown begins. You can watch the trailer of the announcement here.

Are you excited for the Spyro remaster?

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