Q&A with Liessshy

Over on Instagram a week ago I posted a picture asking my followers to ask me questions so I could film a Q&A video over on my YouTube channel (Liessshy). However, I decided to post some of the questions and answers over here too! (Por que no los dos?)

Q. What is your all time favourite childhood game?
A. Crash Bandicoot. I played that game/series religiously throughout my childhood, teenage years and now my adulthood. It’s the first game that really got me into my gaming world.

Q.What was the first video game you ever played?
A. Again, Crash Bandicoot. The reason being that was the first console my parents purchased when I was born.

Q. Which Sims expansion pack is your favourite?
A. This is hard as I love them all.
The Sims 1 – I don’t have a favourite as I only ever played the base game and console versions of the game.
The Sims 2 – Nightlife Expansion
The Sims 3 – World Adventures Expansion
The Sims 4 – City Living Expansion, Dine Out Game Pack and I don’t have a favourite stuff pack.

Q. Where do you hope to see your page by the end of the year? Who/what inspires you to keep going?
A. I hope to reach the double digits in my following (currently at 6.7K). The Instagram gaming community inspires me as we all share the same passion and communicate our love of gaming together. It keeps me going because I have a group of people who love the same stuff as I do and love seeing my collection.

Q. How do you always manage to find the time and inspiration/motivation for your IG posts alongside working and other IRL tasks? Do you set yourself some time aside each day for taking photos and stuff?
A. Sometimes I plan my posts in advance and sometimes I come home from work and quickly whip up a post. It is so much easier to plan your content and set a schedule and that is something I really need to get back into doing on my days off.

Q. Do you aspire to work in the gaming industry? If so, in which area?
A. I already work in the industry in the gaming and entertainment retail category. I want to become a successful gaming blogger and showcase my love of gaming. I want to get rid of the stigma of girls and gaming as I deal with a lot of discrimination in my field of work because I am a girl who plays games – even though my knowledge of this field proves people wrong.

Q. What are some overrated games you don’t like and/or some underrated games you feel people should check out?
A. I used to think Call of Duty was an overrated game until I played WWII and fell in love with the online multiplayer. Part of me still thinks COD is very overrated and I don’t think that will change (contradicting, I know). As for an underrated game, I couldn’t think of anything until now and that will be RIME. That game is so beautiful and people have only just given that game attention recently due to it being free on PS Plus. I think that game is so much better than most indie games out there (you can read my thoughts on RIME here).

Q. What game had you raging the most and why?
A. COD and Overwatch because when it comes to online FPS I am not the best, nor am I the worst and I start yelling at my tv when people camp and snipe me.

That is it for my Q&A. If you are wanting to check out my FULL Q&A you can watch it here.


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