My 1 Year Anniversary With the Nintendo Switch

A few weeks ago Nintendo reached the 1 year anniversary of the Switch – and boy what a year it’s been.

For me, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles I have ever used. My partner and I purchased the Switch on release day and were sharing the console until I saw how amazing it was and that it was going to cause us arguments over who wants to play first. So, a few months later I made the decision to go out and purchase my own – best decision I ever made.

My love for this console began when I saw the different options on how you could play this machine. I am in total love with the fact you can play this on your television as well as play this in complete handheld, portable mode. I used to love the Wii U but what held me back from playing that console daily was the fact you could not take the game pad far away from the disc drive without it dropping out of range. When I saw that Nintendo corrected that big mistake with having the Switch fully portable, I was over the moon.

The design of the console is amazing. It is sleek, clean, thin and beautiful to the eye. Not to mention the size is also great. I love being able to change the look of the console with different coloured Joy-Cons and screen skins. It allows you to make a more personal design with your console. I opted for the Neon Switch when I purchased my own as we originally had the Grey console. However I did end up sourcing a right blue Joy-Con so I could have all blue controllers and I think it looks awesome.

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As for the range of games released, I truly think Nintendo have smashed the last year out of the ball park with the titles they brought out. Although some were “DX” (Deluxe) versions of games that were on the Wii U, I still love the range they released. My personal favourites for the past year were Mario Kart, Platoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley and of course The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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As for titles that I would love to see Nintendo bring to the table for the Switch, Animal Crossing tops that list. Alongside that I hope that the new Pokémon game will be a great one that doesn’t draw away too much from the dynamic of what Pokémon is now. I also would love to see The Sims 4 come to Switch (wishful thinking, I know) so I could play the console version portably. But one of my main wishes is for Virtual Console to make a comeback. You can read all about why I want these titles released here.

Overall I have loved the Switch this past year and I am so glad to see such a fine piece of technology gifted to us from a fantastic brand. The Switch has sold ridiculously well from release day and that makes me really happy because others get to experience how beautiful the console is, just like I do. I am really excited to see what Nintendo has prepared for us for this next year (Super Smash Bros. Hell yeaaaaaah!). What do you want to see announced for the Nintendo Switch?



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  1. oh i love the switch so much as well!! it’s definitely my favorite console.
    I’m so excited for Super Smash Bros omg this is going to be so good,
    and I’m really curious about how the Pokemon game will turn out.
    btw I really like you blog, it’s nice and clean and so pretty!!♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They have given us so many amazing announcements lately so I’m excited to see where they go in the next year! And thank you so much @scintillax that is really sweet of you to say! I am glad you love my blog xx


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