Kirby Star Allies First Impression

Oh little pink ball with shoes. Who knew you would be so much fun?

I am a first time Kirby player. I have never played nor owned a Kirby game before. So I am quite surprised to see how fantastic this game is. And because I like it so much, I thought I would write a first impression review on it.

My first thoughts when I saw trailers for this game were that this game looked like fun, but it seemed to be just like every other side scroll game. However, the moment I entered the first level I was shocked at how well this game plays and how much fun it is! As much as I do love side scroll games, I think that this dynamic suits this Kirby game so well. It takes me back to my childhood – typical Nintendo making me feel like a child again.

The levels are extremely colourful and the artwork is fantastic. The depth of the background and the scenery makes each level beautiful in its own way. Whoever designed the art did a perfect job and I applaud them because the detail they put in to each item in each level looks great.


One thing I do like about this game so far is the ability to have multiple characters (either CPU or co-op) play. Kirby can gain “friends” and have up to 4 friends with him on his journey. Alongside these friends, he can adapt to different powers and abilities from his friends and enemies he comes across. I love this because it gives Kirby the opportunity to perform new moves and that was really exciting to see.


So far I am really pleased with this game. I have played a few levels and each level is as exciting as the previous one. For me this is a different game to what I am used to. Although I am used to side scroll games like Super Mario, it’s different playing with multiple characters and having so many different abilities. I think I will get used to this game really quickly and I am really excited to delve deeper into the story mode.

As a first impression, I am very impressed. From what I have played so far I rate this game an 8/10. I think it will become a lot more fun playing co-op with a friend. I believe so far that it is worth purchasing and I am really excited to finish my play through of this game.

*All screenshots are my own, taken from my Nintendo Switch*

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