Are Plantronics the Best Gaming Headset Brand?

Yes. Yes they are.

Ever since I began to work in the gaming industry I heard people swear by Plantronics’ Rig series for gaming headsets and I never knew why until I used a pair myself. People were right – the Plantronics range are beyond incredible.

I began my Plantronics journey with my boyfriend’s Rig 500 HD headset. This headset is great because it easily works on multiple platforms with its 3.5mm jack input so while he was using it for his PS4 and Xbox One, I was also using it for my PS4, laptop and mobile phone. I instantly fell in love with this headset because of how comfortable it was. It’s very lightweight and has impressive padding on the earphones that quite often if I was listening to music through my phone with them on I would doze off to sleep and forget I was wearing them.

I then ventured out to get my own pair of Rigs and I stumbled across the old model of the Rig 500 Surround headset at my work. This headset was on clearance for less than $30AUD which is extremely cheap! I believe the company was clearing it out because it was the older model and there was no point selling this model when the new and improved models were available. Even though this headset was the older model and we had the new model at home (boyfriend’s headset), I yet again fell in love with the headset because of how comfortable it was. However, with this headset I began to play online games and was able to test the microphone and chat quality and again I was blown away. Hearing voices from chat was so clear and my friends were able to hear my voice clearly as well. I was extremely happy with my purchase because not only were they cheap but they were just as fantastic as my boyfriend’s more expensive pair. But me being me, I wanted to have a newer, more recent model because I like to keep up with the fast pace movement of technology.

So fast track to now. I was lucky enough to recently receive the Rig 4VR headset from Plantronics themselves and let me just say:

They. Are. Perfect!

Firstly, the fact they are white makes my heart melt because a lot of my gaming consoles and items are white. To have them match makes my aesthetic-loving self happy. Secondly, this headset is the most comfortable out of all 3 that I have tried! The earphones are even more padded than the others and this works to my advantage because I now wear glasses (back then with the previous headsets I didn’t) and they fit so well and are so comfortable around the ears. Thirdly, they are made so well. They feel so sturdy and strong. I am so pleased with this headset and I feel so lucky to have been sent them. I am yet to use them with the PlayStation VR since I do not own one (I wish I did) but I know they will be just as amazing.

Every headset sale I do at work I tend to convince customers to buy Plantronics. And it’s more than just a sales pitch – I am so honest and truthful with how I feel about the brand that people feel happy purchasing from this range. I have my customers come back happy that I sold them their headsets because they too can see how amazing the brand is and how good the quality is overall. The sales range from the Rig 400 series all the way up to the Rig 800 series and every person is happy no matter what model they purchased.

I can honestly say that if you are looking for a headset, look no further than a Rig from Plantronics because you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

And to Plantronics, thank you so much for gifting me with the best headset I’ve ever used.

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