The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – From a First Time Zelda Player

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Let me start off by saying before Breath of the Wild was released, I had never played a Legend of Zelda game before.

Shocking, I know. But if it wasn’t for Breath of the Wild, I wouldn’t be the crazy Zelda fan I am now.

This game is the perfect game. It is an adventure that has so much beauty, so many secrets, so much magic and it produces so many feelings in me that have made me fall in love with it entirely.


I was so surprised with the open world and the size of the map. This is because I’m not used to playing games that are this big. However, it completely took my breath (of the wild) away. I loved exploring every nook and cranny that I could access in the world and I loved finding a new secret around every corner.

Now, without going into any detail to stop any spoilers, the story in my opinion was fantastic. It wasn’t exactly linear, but it was very clear and easy to follow. Every part of the main quest was so intriguing and all the characters I met along the way were so loveable. The cut scenes that involved Zelda really made me learn a lot about her and the type of character she is. Interacting with the 4 Champions – Mipha, Daruk, Revali and Urbosa – was so enjoyable and gave me a better understanding of each domain and Divine Beast in Hyrule. To top it off, all the side quests were fantastic. Unlike some other games (Yonder), I actually enjoyed the side quests in this game and going back and forth completing them wasn’t an issue for me. I think it was because I was so captivated by the scenery that in most cases I forgot I was actually completing a quest and got lost exploring. Thus, 100+ hours was put into this game on my behalf, and I’m still adding in more hours.


Within those 100+ hours is hours I’ve spent on the fresh, new DLC that they have given us in the expansion pass. The Master Trials I haven’t completed yet but The Champion’s Ballad I have. Adding another Divine Beast quest was more than I could have asked for and it felt like it was more difficult than the others which is what I felt like I needed. I am really excited on playing in master mode now since I feel like I am ready for the challenge – and because I don’t want the game to end!

The combat and weapon system was something that frustrated me at the start, however it makes total sense that you will start off with low-level weapons until you progress further into the game. Some of the weapons were beautiful and the look of them were designed so well.


As for the enemies, they were all so strange and scary but I couldn’t help but love them (besides the Lynel and Yiga Clan… I hated them both). If I had to pick a favourite enemy to fight, I probably would pick the Shrek-like Hinox. They are so funny to fight because they are easy to run away from and shoot in the eye.

Incorporating amiibo into this game is something I will always love. The range of the Legend of Zelda amiibo are all incredible. They are perfect little figurines however the items they give you in-game are amazing. You can unlock some special outfits, weapons, and gear, Epona and Wolf Link which I think adds a nice touch to the game. My personal favourite item I have received so far by using amiibo is the Fierce Deity Link outfit.

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So, would I recommend Breath of the Wild? Yes.
Will it suck you into its vortex of beauty? YES!
Will you fall in love with the way Zora’s Domain looks? YES YES 10 TIMES YES!

I have become a massive fan of the series and I cannot wait to get stuck into playing Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on 3ds and Twilight Princess and The Windwaker on Wii U.

This game was my favourite of 2017 and I think it is going to continue to be one of my favourites in 2018. I rate it a 10/10 and it is a must play on the Nintendo Switch.

*All game screenshots and photography are my own*


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  1. Another lovely post! I don’t read blogs but i love yours. 🙂
    I love botw! If only I did’nt get stuck in a divine beast.. I suck at bosses but i love gaming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fo, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the screenshots this time! They are all my personal ones. Thank you for supporting me! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog ❤️


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